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Who we are

HikeChum.com is a tour guide service specialising in hiking/trekking, walking and sightseeing in Georgia's most fascinating and interesting places. We are simply your 'chum', 'friend' and 'companion' in hiking/trekking adventures. We offer amazing guided tours around Georgia.

HikeChum.com is the name that oozes with confidence throughout our guided hiking tours. We have 100% confidence in providing you with the best value for money service in hiking/trekking or walking tour throughout the entire Georgia, from Tbilisi to Ushguli, century's old monasteries to historical sites and many more interesting places! You don't have to be a professional to start 'Hiking the Caucasus' - We can even provide necessary hiking/trekking equipment!

*Please note that our tours do not include kayaking, boating, paragliding or mountain climbing, however, we point you to the right contacts

Every guided tour is tailored especially for the individual(s). Human beings have intricate and intriguing tastes. Our hikes can help boost your self-esteem, develop teamwork and contribute to your happiness.

The best guided tour is the one that has a lot of fun, information, interaction and at the same time, offers spontaneity and exuberance. We believe in giving the client the best time and experience in a hiking/trekking tour or walking tour. We treat every client as a member of the family; you never have to hike or walk alone.

About Our Guided Tours

HikeChum hiking, trekking and walking tours are for all to experience and enjoy, especially the enthusiastic adventurer, check-out list below:

(1) Tbilisi + Hidden Places

Get a chance to visit hidden places, meet the locals and explore the most interesting parts of the capital city.
  • Duration: 1 to 2 day hike including Tbilisi City, fortresses, churches and lakes
  • Requirements: water, food

(2) Msekheta + Jvari Monastery

The old capital of Georgia is a religious and historical place where Georgia's love with Orthodox Christianity began centuries ago.
  • Duration: 1 day hike to the old Georgian capital of Mtskheta, a taxi ride to the most visited monastery. A visit to century's old Monasteries and Cathedrals, including Svetitskhoveli Cathedral which is built on the same ground where a piece of Jesus's garment was buried. Last stop could possibly be a visit to the hidden ancient city.
  • Requirements: water, food

(3) Gori + Uplistsikhe

Stalin's historical home town boast a museum, monasteries and historical age old rock-hewn caves of Uplistsikhe.
  • Duration: 1 day town tour including a car ride and hike to the caves
  • Requirements: water, food

(4) Chiatura + Hidden places

1 or 2 days' visit to a beautiful but impoverished old industrial town which still uses old Soviet cable cars, 'funicular'. The 'funiculars' resembles a scene from a Hollywood scary movie and are definitely a must-see. Get the chance to visit hidden places that most visitors don't get to see
  • Duration: 1 - 2 days hike including the town, and hidden places (the rock monastery is worth a visit)
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food

(5) Bojormi + Bakuriani

The largest National Park in Europe is a worthy hike and exploration of the town itself. Drink the National Park most famous natural spring water that is warm and high in minerals. Try the natural hot spar bath at a cost of less than $2 (payable at the hot bath entrance).
  • Duration: 1 to 2 day hike through the National Park. We can also explore Bakuriani and surrounding villages
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(6) Vardzia + Akhasikhe

The biggest rock-hewn caves are located in Vardzia and camping near the cave is worth exploring
*Akhasikhe - works best as a combination of Vardzia. The town boasts one of the largest renovated fortresses (Rabbat Fortress) in Georgia
  • Duration: 2 days' worth of memorable sightseeing experience in two different towns, Vardzia and Akhaltsikhe: Vardzia has over 200 caves and a monastery chiselled deep into the mountain; and finally a day visiting Akhaltsikhe Rabbat Fortress on our way to or from Vardzia
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food

(7) Batumi + Neighbouring Villages

Batumi is a holiday resort designed solely for the more relaxed tourist. It is situated in the South-east of Georgia and bordering with Turkey. Tourists come here to enjoy the black sea, gambling resort and occasionally explore remote villages around or near Batumi
  • Duration: 1 or a few days, depending on your interest
  • Requirements: water and food. If you plan on exploring remote villages, then a tent and sleeping bag is recommended

(8) David Gareji or Gareja + Udabno Village

Udabno is the last village before continuing with the travellig to the David Gareji's semi-dessert region of Kakheti, bordering with Azerbaijana. David Gareji's remains are enshrined in the monastery. It is well known for its caves and centuries old monasteries. An 80 minutes hike/trekking is a worthy adventure to experience frescoes and Lavra. Visitors usually miss the chance to see other abandoned monasteries in a secluded remote area; it takes at least 90 minutes' walk to reach this hidden monastery of many beautiful frescoes and Lavra uninhabited by monks.
  • Duration: 2 days hike/trekking including Udabno and abandoned cave monasteries sharing the border with Azerbaijan
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(9) Kakheti or the wine region

A visit to Georgia is not over until you have visited the wine region. Wine tour is available at selected factories at amazingly affordable prices. Kakheti Wine Region is a must see for visitors to try traditional organic wines, visit wine factories and taste real Georgian wines and Georgian Cha-cha (Georgian Vodka). Wine testing cost less than $2 and includes wine factory tour.
  • Duration: A day's hike/trekking around the town, its wine factories and possible a nearby lake
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food. If the day isn't long enough, we could extend to the next day and spend a night in the tent

(10) Sighnagi - 'The City of Love'

Sighnangi is commonly known as 'The city of love'. A 2km walk from Sighnaghi town will lead to the famous Bodbe Monastery where **Saint. Nino, the evangelist woman who baptized Georgia in the 4th century is buried. You also get a chance to view the magnificent Alazan valley from the hills of Sighnaghi.
  • Duration: A hike/trek throughout out the town culminating in Bodbe Monastery and the blessed swimming pool lasts half a day
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food (Tent only required if you would like to explore the entire area)

**Saint Nino was a virgin and the Apostle of Georgia and the most venerated Saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church. She was born in Cappadocia and became a slave. She later travelled and settled in Iberia, now known as Georgia, where she converted the King and Queen to Christianity. Legend has it that Nino received a vision from the Virgin Mary who gave her a grapevine cross. She placed her first Christian cross in Akhalkalaki and finally reached Mtskheta. The Iberian King Mirian III, was the first Christian King of Iberia; he suffered from severe illness and was baptized by St. Nino. In 327 A.D King Mirian made Christianity the State religion, making Iberia (Georgia) the second Christian State after Armenia (In Georgia, Queen is called King).

(11) Tusheti + Fascinating villages

One of the most fascinating and interesting hike/trek is Tusheti. It offers a serene atmosphere with its old abandoned villages, watchtowers, shepherds and big scary-looking shepherd dogs. Tusheti is remote and has one of the most dangerous mountain road, in the world famously known as 'Abano Pass', it is almost 3000 metres above sea level. 'Abano Pass' standard requirement is a 4x4 vehicle or a horse ride. The road is scary and not for the feint-hearted, however, we hike/trek through the remote villages of Omalo, Dartlo and Shatili.
  • Duration: 7 to 8 days hike/trek including Omalo, Parsma and Diklo (Pirikiti Alazani) and possibly Gometsari Alazani valley and beautiful Oreti lake
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(12) Kazbegi + Stepantsminda

A minibus first stop in Ananuri and possibly Gudauri culd b added to the tour. A hike/trek around the town of Stepantsminda to the famous Gergeti Monastery sitting at 2200 metres and appreciating the 5200 meters Mount Kazbeg.
*Ananuri - We would negotiate with the minibus driver to consider stopping for 10 minutes at Ananuri for sightseeing.
*Gudauri - We would also try negotiating with the driver for a 15 minutes stop in the beautiful Gudauri mountainous terrain where thrill-seekers come to paraglide with professional pilots. Should you wish to paraglide, let us know so we can arrange an hour stop (we do not include paragliding in our tours)
  • Duration: 2 day hike/trek including camping near the monastery to catch the sun-rising and shadowing the famous Mount Kazbegi sitting at 5200metres
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(13) Juta + Fascinating places

One of the most beautiful villages is inaccessible in the winter but the summer brings it to life. A hike/trek that lasts almost 20km is worth the experience. Camping near the three lakes is one of those hidden germs of the beauty of Georgia
  • Duration: 2 to 3 days hike/trek including Achkoti, Chauki Massif and the three lakes
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(14) Kutaisi + Canyons

Kutaisi boasts monasteries, caves and Kinchkha Waterfall. Experience the Canyons (Martvili and Okasa); Samagrelo's Martvili is near Okatse Canyon. Kutaisi's Prometheus Caves is accessible by kayaking (our tour doesn't include kayaking or boating, however, we will provide you with the contact).
  • Duration and requirements: To be arranged in our discussion

(15) Mestia + Ushguli (Svaneti)

One of the most beautiful places in Georgia proudly presents Mount Ushba and Mount Tetnuldi, a complete adventurer's paradise.
  • Duration: 4 to 5 days hike/trek including hiking/trekking near Mount Tetnuldi, other villages and finally Ushguli, the highest inhabited settlement in Europe
  • Requirements: Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, hiking/trekking sticks recommended

(16) Train trip through the mountains

A 2hrs train ride snaking around the mountains on a railroad that runs on a 900mm narrow gauge line creates an unforgettable experience that most visitors never get a chance to experience.
  • Duration: 1 day train trip and a hike/trek around the town
  • Requirements: Water and food. Tent and sleeping bag only recommended if you intend to spend more time in the villages and national park

(17) Train trip for the Locals

Travel like the locals and experience the Georgian train that stops almost everywhere, it moves like a taxi and stops anywhere for 15 seconds, it is definitely worth a try, but you have to get up early. Most tourists are not aware of this amazing train experience. What's interesting is the final stop the train makes; unfortunately HikeChum is not going to share with you here, but you can experience this train ride with an experienced HikeChum guide.
  • Duration: 1 day train trip and a hike/trek around the final destination town and village
  • Requirements: Water and food. Tent and sleeping bag only recommended if you intend to spend more time in the villages and national park

Tour Information

Guided Hike/Trek Tour Sleeping Arrangements

Some hikes/treks or walking tours would require an overnight sleep in a tent if we are in the wild, forests, hills and mountains. City and Town hikes/treks might require a tent or probably a sleep in a hostel or guest house, this depends entirely on the town and the distance we are likely to cover on our travels, so no need to panic.

Duration and Payment for Tour (Walking or Hiking/Trekking)

  • Duration - Our hikes/trekking and sightseeing can last from a day to a few days, depending on the area and places of interest. No one is rushed or influenced to work faster than they can manage.
  • First tour free – Client can show appreciation of the free tour by giving a 'tip' or 'donation' and also covering the transportation for the guide.
  • Paying for the tour - After the initial first tour, clients' fee depends on the area and distance of the tour and hiking/trekking requirements. The fees start from $15 to $50 per person per day, we don't charge per hour as we enjoy giving the client the best guided tour in Georgia. The time spent on the tour rest solely on the walk or hike/trek itself, there is no rush for an unforgettable hiking/trekking or walking adventure
  • Money is not everything - We don't chase money, we go for experience, hence our pride in offering free first hiking/trekking and walking tour experience. If you really enjoy the experience, please give adequate 'tip' or 'donation' to the guide to show your appreciation!
  • Transportation - Our guides use public transport to keep your expenses low. Clients pay for their own transportation and often cover the guide's transportation expenses.

Unforgettable Experience

Excursion with unforgettable experience, you get to see secret places and go to places where other guides won't take you. These are places that some locals are not aware they exist. If you are eager and ready to cover transport expenses, contact us and we will take you there. Please consider giving adequate donation after the excursion, it shows you have enjoyed the tour experience.

Show Your Appreciation

As well as covering the guides transportation and leaving a tip (donation), please send us a review


All guided tours involve walking, hiking/trekking and sightseeing. First tour's free and the rest are affordable tours that involves walking and hiking/trekking all over Georgia. If you would like to support the business, please feel free to donate:

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Tour Videos

Two-part tour videos available at the bottom of the page or click here

Hiking/trekking Requirements

We offer a hiking/trekking and camping guided tour like no other and we are proud to list the required essentials below:
  1. Water - Provide your own bottle of water
  2. Sugar, Tea or Coffee - Provide your own cup, sugar, tea bag or coffee
  3. Food - While hiking/trekking and camping you might feel hungry and if HikeChum is requested in advance, we will bring cooking stuff and prepare pasta for the group at a reasonable price
  4. Hygiene - Provide your own cloth, towel, tissue and/or toilet paper
  5. Visibility Bands or Vest - Provide your own visibility band, vest or jacket so we can see you at night under our headlamps. If you don't own a visibility band, we would rent you one
  6. Shoes - Good strong boots or good trainers (provide your own comfortable boots or trainers)
  7. Hiking/trekking Head Lamps - Available to rent from HikeChum, please indicate how many people require the headlamps
  8. Sleeping Bag - Provide your own but if you are a light traveller, one can be rented to you or several sleeping bags could be rented to your group
  9. Camping Tent - Available to rent from HikeChum, please indicate how many people are likely to be in the tent
  10. Camping Tent Lights - One or two tent lights available to rent from HikeChum, please indicate how many camping lights you require
  11. Headlamps - Hiking/trekking and/or walking requires headlamps in the evening or at night. Headlamps are available to rent
  12. Camping Mat/Pad - Mat/pad are available to rent from HikeChum, please indicate how many people require the mat/pad
  13. Video Recording - For the enthusiastic adventurer, video recording is available upon request. We offer competitive prices for the video of the hike. We will record and edit, then email you a completed version of the video.
  14. *Hiking/trekking Sticks/Poles - Some hikes/treks require hiking/trekking sticks; you will be informed of your chosen hike/trek whether hiking/trekking sticks are necessary. If hiking/trekking sticks are necessary, please bring a pair for yourself

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